Eclipse Mixers

Commercial/ Industrial Mixers and
Agitators for Blending Perfection

Electric and Air-Driven Mixers for
Commercial and Industrial Applications

Made for Industry

Commercial and industrial mixers made specifically for industry; Chemical Industry, Cosmetics Industry, Food Processing Industry, Foundry, Inks & Dyes, Laboratory Testing, Paints & Coatings, Pharmaceuticals, Sanitary Applications

Custom Mixers

Eclipse Systems Specializes in manufacturing Custom Mixers for commercial and industrial applications. With decades of experience, we can create the right product for your specific application & requirements. Please Contact Us for More Details.

Highest Quality

We use the highest quality materials to exceed your requirements and meet industry standards; stainless steel shafts, paddles, props & high sheer blades. Sanitary prop & ahaft ssemblies. Clamp, flange, across-the-tank, bung and laboratory models.

Popular Products

C-Clamp Mixers

Standard Unit Price

C-Clamp, adjustable angle, direct drive mixer with custom shaft lengths, prop sizes and configurations. The flagship model is the B-3 featured here.

Floor Stand Mixers

Heavy duty, adjustable height, floor stand, direct drive, high shear mixer, used in blending of liquids up to 5,000 centipoise in vessels 5 gallons to 55 gallons.

Lab Stand Mixers

Standard Unit Price

Lab stand, adjustable height, direct drive mixer for mixing liquids up to 2,000 centipoise in vessels up to 5 gallons. The flagship model is the AL-3 featured here.

Flange Mixers

Standard Unit Price

Flange mount, non-pressure, direct drive mixer. Flange for drum lid mounting or closed top mounting on vessels to 800 gallons. The flagship model is the BFL-3.

Bung Mixers

Standard Unit Price

Bung entering, screw mount, direct drive mixer for mixing liquids up to 2,000 centipoise in 55 gallon vessels. The flagship model is the ADR-3 featured here.

Across-Tank Mixers

Standard Unit Price

Horizontal clamp mount, adjustable angle, direct drive mixer, across drum or manway opening for mixing liquids. The flagship model is the BFH-3 featured here.

Decades of Experience

Eclipse Mixer is a leading provider of
custom mixers.

Bung Mixers / C-Clamp Mixers / Flange Mixers / Industrial Mixers / Commercial Mixers / Electric or Air Driven Mixers / Cross Arm Mixers / Explosion Proof Mixers / Lab Stand Mixers / Tri Flange-Clamp Mixers

Chemical Industry / Cosmetics Industry / Food Processing Industry / Foundry / Inks & Dyes / Laboratory Testing / Paints & Coatings / Pharmaceuticals / Sanitary Applications

Need a Custom Mixer? No problem!

We have the knowledge and the facilities to create a mixer or agitator that is perfect for you.

At Eclipse Systems, we manufacture a full line of portable and fixed position, electric and air-driven commercial and industrial agitators, mixers and blenders for all industries. Standard models are available in air or electric drive with gear reduction models in the larger sizes. With an extensive parts inventory, we are able to produce made-to-order mixers at a cost and turn-around time of the standard models. Specialty alloys, elastomers and coatings are available to meet any demanding application.

Industries We Serve

Sanitary Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Cosmetic

Chemical & Petroleum

Paint, Coatings & Sealants