Additional Resources / Industry Information

Product Catalogs   -  TechnicalInterface  -  United States Supply Company

Computational Fluid Dynamic Software Providers (CFD)  -  Fluent Inc.  -  Visimix

Metering Pumps  -  Bran + Luebbe  -  Fluid Metering Inc.  -  Milton Roy

Mixing Research & Development Technology  -  Reyno Inc.  -  The Colorful Fluid Mixing Gallery by Andre Bakker

Printing & Textile Finishing  -  United States Supply Company

Technical Resources  -  Fluid Mechanics PrimerUniversity of Iowa, College of Engineering Primer on Fluid Mechanics, including viscosity calculations, specific gravity, Newtonian fluid shear, and elasticity.

Technology General Corporation  -  Clawson Machine Division - Manufacturers of Ice Crushing and Ice Shaving Machines  -  Eclipse Systems Division - Manufacturers of Industrial Mixers

Chemical Industry  - Chemical Equipments  -  Chemical Processing

Energy  -  Bio Fuels Journal  -  American Coalition for Ethanol

Food  -  Food Engineering Magazine  -  Food Processing

Inks & Dyes Industry  -  Inkmaker Online

Paints & Coatings Industry  -  Paints and Coatings Industry Magazine

Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Nutraceuticals  - BioProcess International  -  Pharmaceutical Processing  -  Chemical Engineering Online

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